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Feel very privileged to have been invited by CASS (London Metropolitan University) to speak with INT Works and We Made That about our collaborative work on the Nike Flyknit project. It's free but there are limited spaces so book HERE if you'd like to come along!

Ballast Point Park

I recently got back from a trip to my home land - Sydney. Not only was it absolutely amazing to see my family and friends but also very inspiring in terms of design. I think contemporary Australian design is quite different to British design... perhaps it's due to Australian heritage being relatively new compared to the UK.

I've been following the work of the Aussie design studio Deuce Design for a while now. Their interpretation in public parks is fantastic, particularly the way they work typographically into surfaces. My favourites being their way-finding and signage for Pirrama Park and Ballast Point Park.

So when my auntie and uncle to us to Ballast Point Park I was so excited to see Deuce Design's work in person. And I was completely blown away. Deuce Design has worked with landscape architects and urban designers McGregor Coxall in a way that completely utilises the scale, light and history of the park.

Ballast Point Park used to be a sandstone quarry in the 1850's supplying ballast to the nearby shipyard. And from 1864 to 1928 it wa
s the location of the two story marine villa, Menevia. Then from 1928 it was the first seaboard terminal for the Texas Company Limited acting as a fuel storage and major oil distribution point for Sydney. Eventually in 2002 it became public land and the infrastructure of the tanks were cleared from the site.

Now in 2013, as you walk in you are faced with the skeleton of what once was a 1930's tank used to store crude oil. Text from 'The Death of Isaac Nathan', a poem by Australian poet Les Murray is punctured into curved panels of the original Tank 101 sheet steel. The typeface, which is applied throughout the space, represents the thousands of rivets and circular shapes that used to adorn the former park. In the afternoon sunlight the punctured words cast incredible shadows over the surrounding surfaces.

Walking further down the park you come across artifacts from the Menevia site in an outdoor glass. I like how the domestic objects that were being used there by the locals were back in the space where they were recovered.

There are also walled areas made from recycled materials from the site. Again, the way that McGregor Coxall decided not to be precious about the historical artifacts by putting them back in the outdoor space is so interesting. A great example of successful interpretation in my opinion. 

As we were leaving I noticed the way the sunlight created signage on the ground and the gates themselves were mirrored in the yellow awning throughout the park. So good!

My lovely Foundation Illustration students from last year in Wriggles & Robins new video

The very talented Wriggles & Robins have made a new film to promote life drawing classes at the Book Club in London. Very proud to see my very talented ex-students featured in it doing what they do best - drawing. Click HERE to read the full article over at Creative Review.

My illustration on the theme of 'Sunday' was in The Sunday Times Magazine yesterday, which you can see over at my website.

I received some very kind emails from pug fans in the UK and as a result have been doing some special commissioned prints today. They are 12 x 6 inches, printed on watercolour paper and signed and dated. They are £25 so if you'd like one, please drop me an email at

One of the lovely people who purchased a print has sent me a photo of their incredibly cute pug Captain. It's been great to get such a positive response from an editorial illustration.

So this seems like the perfect time to announce that I'm currently working on a series of illustrations called 'Hackney Dogs', which I will be launching in May. In the meantime here is a sneak peak of one of my roughs for the series, a Great Dane...

Wrapped up

I went on a site visit to the Olympic Park a couple of weeks ago for a job I'm currently working on and I loved how some of the trees have been wrapped up to protect them against the cold.


I found these trimmed trees in France.


I took this photo in Greece a while ago and I really like how the washing line shadow becomes like birds perching on telephone wires.

Hollywood Wax

A quick paper experiment

Boats in Malta

I went to Malta a few months ago and loved these boats - all of which were the same colour as the water.


I recently bought 'Atlas of Remote Islands' by Judith Schalansky for my partner, which is great because it means I get to read it. It's such an interesting concept for a book - Schalansky's own imaginative atlas of the world's loneliest places accompanied by incredible cartography. The book itself is a beautiful object and was awarded The German Arts Foundation prize for "the most beautiful book of the year".

As many of you may know, I am obsessed with maps and the lost/forgotten so I have also been fascinated by the recent 'un-discovery' of Sandy Island. Read the full article in the Guardian here. As Greg Meylan writes: "How it managed to appear, disappear and reappear onto various maps and charts is a mystery of the sea. No doubt some out there will believe the island is still there, or has simply moved south for the summer."

The Guardian has done a feature on the amazing Active Minds, who I recently worked with on Paint Project and this is also mentioned in the article. You can read it HERE.

Paint Project Launch

When Active Minds invited me to work with them on a new product earlier this year, I was absolutely thrilled. Dementia and Alzheimer's have affected two members of my family and I am very passionate about developing new products and solutions that aim to improve the quality of life of sufferers. What has been also very rewarding is that the product I have been working on also aims to promote creativity through painting exercises.

"Art activities are a powerful tool in the fight to improve the quality of daily life for people living with dementia. Art is lively, expressive and non-verbal; providing an accessible outlet for creativity whilst stirring memory and enabling personal choice.

With just a brush and some paint all users, as individuals or as part of a group activity, can enjoy the satisfaction of creating these beautiful images, without assistance, again and again. Each book has a selection of 40 clear, simple outline drawings, which can be easily torn out. The images have been rigorously tested in care homes and selected for their appropriate levels of complexity and content.
Easily photocopied for group sessions, Paint Project is an effective and reusable tool for anyone wanting to provide engaging and meaningful activities for people living with dementia."

I worked with Active Minds to create the 40 illustrations in the book as well as the cover. I'll be adding Paint Project to my website in the New Year if you are interested in seeing more of the illustrations.

The Raw Book feature

I was recently interviewed by The Raw Book and the feature is now up on their website. Click HERE to read more and thanks to the lovely Alicia Chan for the very kind intro.


I am very excited to announce that myself and creatives Henrietta Swift, Rebecca Davies and Mark Harris have recently formed for - a design group who educate, empower and provoke discussion through visual thinking.

for was responsible for the visual identity and website for Fixperts - an inspiring new project that was launched at 100% Design last weekend. The aim of Fixperts is to connect people. 'People that are good at thinking and making are invited to meet and help someone they don’t know with a day-to-day problem that has been frustrating or difficult for them to overcome. We make a film about it, capturing the story of the fix. We then make these films available online to support the understanding of design through fixing.'

Lost In London

I just received the latest copy of Lost in London - a fantastic magazine about an alternative way of experiencing the city. I am very excited to be one of the contributors to this issue for my map of the Edible Bus Stop project - an inspiring project that transforms neglected sites across London’s bus network into valuable community growing spaces.

Prints for sale

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that you can buy my signed and editioned Giclee prints from my website for only £25. Just go to

I also take requests for other sizes, paper stock and framing options (such as mounting the prints onto canvas for you) as well as private commissions for portraits so if you'd like to get in touch, just drop me an email at

Dazed Digital Feature on my sustainable London

Dazed Digital asked me to name my top 5 sustainable locations in London, which includes Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, Hackney Picture House, Victoria Park, Brixton Village and the 38 bus. Click HERE to read the article.

The billboard is up!

The map of a sustainable East London that Daniel Frost and I art directed can now be seen in Gillett Square, Dalston. We are both so excited to see the image on such a large scale and I hope that all the participants in our Nike Flyknit Collective workshops are just as pleased as we are with the results.


The lovely Rosie Spinks at Ecosalon has written an article about myself and Daniel Frost's approach to sustainability in the Nike Flyknit Collective.

You can read the article HERE.

A preview of the 2 days of map-making workshops as part of the Flyknit Collective at 1948 London. Proper photos to follow soon as well as the final mega-map.



Dazed Digital has featured the Flyknit Collective on their website - the article can be seen HERE. They are also following the Collective's progress over the next few weeks too on their daily, behind-the-scenes blog HERE.

Yesterday was the first day of the week-long series of Flyknit Collective workshops. The round-table discussion was enlightening as we had Dave Cobban fly in all the way from Portland, USA, who told us about how Nike is working towards a sustainable future. It looks like it's going to be a fantastic week of creativity and fitness, so I'm can't wait till to Thursday when Daniel Frost and I will run our workshop. To see the project so far and to learn more about the Flyknit Collective click HERE. The new site went live yesterday!


I am very excited to be part of The Flyknit Collective, launched by Nike to 'celebrate the culture of sport in East London with a series of creative workshops, inspired by Nike’s innovative Flyknit technology, that will ultimately motivate and inform urban regeneration for the local community.'

The project launches with a week-long series of workshops on 'Sustainability', beginning next Monday 11th June. I will be working alongside the wonderful Daniel Frost, We Made That and Chakabars to create an illustrated mega-map that conveys economic and social sustainability in East London.

 To follow the project visit