Paint Project Launch

When Active Minds invited me to work with them on a new product earlier this year, I was absolutely thrilled. Dementia and Alzheimer's have affected two members of my family and I am very passionate about developing new products and solutions that aim to improve the quality of life of sufferers. What has been also very rewarding is that the product I have been working on also aims to promote creativity through painting exercises.

"Art activities are a powerful tool in the fight to improve the quality of daily life for people living with dementia. Art is lively, expressive and non-verbal; providing an accessible outlet for creativity whilst stirring memory and enabling personal choice.

With just a brush and some paint all users, as individuals or as part of a group activity, can enjoy the satisfaction of creating these beautiful images, without assistance, again and again. Each book has a selection of 40 clear, simple outline drawings, which can be easily torn out. The images have been rigorously tested in care homes and selected for their appropriate levels of complexity and content.
Easily photocopied for group sessions, Paint Project is an effective and reusable tool for anyone wanting to provide engaging and meaningful activities for people living with dementia."

I worked with Active Minds to create the 40 illustrations in the book as well as the cover. I'll be adding Paint Project to my website in the New Year if you are interested in seeing more of the illustrations.